The Greenspace Co-op Winter Zine #1

The Greenspace Winter Zine #1 is here for you! Sign up as a patron at and receive a real live copy in your mailbox.

36 pages of A5 black and white photocopied goodness, with a beautiful screenprint on the cover by Hana from

Contributions inside from all the Greenspace co-op volunteers, offering inspiration and contemplation for the winter season.

$3 or $5 tier for Waiheke Island locals will get your zine delivered to your mailbox

$5 or $9 tier for around Aotearoa NZ or

$9 or $17 tier for the rest of the world

You only have to sign up for one month to get your cool magazine – cards are charged in USD on the 1st of the month, and I will contact you to confirm your postal address…