The Greenspace Project


About 13 months ago now The Greenspace Project claimed me. We had sold our house and didn’t have a clear next plan. Meanwhile the local organic shop was for sale. I didn’t buy the business, but a seed was planted.

I want to explore my Theory of Everything within the everyday, and because I also need a job, I am doing this within the format of one of the oldest trades, shopkeeping. One version of a theory of everything is permaculture. I am pretty sure you can use permaculture principles to look into really anything you choose:

Observe and interact.

Catch and store energy.

Obtain a yield.

Apply self-regulation and accept feedback.

Use and value renewable resources and services.

Produce no waste.

Design from patterns to details.

Integrate rather than segregate.

Use small and slow solutions.

Use and value diversity.

Use edges and value the marginal.

Creatively use and respond to change.

Greenspace is a permaculture hub, a design studio, an art gallery, an organic shop, an events space, a social centre. Greenspace is my PhD in shopkeeping, the ancient art of commerce and culture. I am curious about the balance between the hybrid format and the financial requirements for success. I am hoping I can keep doing this job for a while.





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