Impossible to prove

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Final show for Master of Art & Design, AUT
Disco motors power fine wooden parabolas, drawing circles in the sand. A paper planet slowly turns in its own time. Sandcastles dry out and deteriorate. A small orange dinosaur is trapped under a plastic cup in a game of three cup shuffle. A small man in an abandoned plant has a video camera trained on him constantly, and as the viewer comes into the scene they are framed in the projection on the wall. Shifts of scale and perspective implicate the viewer in a world of perpetual motion and changing perspectives.

Multi-titled (And/Or)

PG Conference Visual Arts Research Exhibition 2011
17 – 20 August 2011
St Paul St Gallery Three
39 Symonds Street, Auckland

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Cathy Carter, Sarah Gruiters, Ross Forbes, Sophia Schon, Robbie Fraser, Tanya Ruka, Olivia Barnes, Philippa Nielsen, Amber Pearson, Oonagh Tutte, Alannah Pirrit, Layne Waerea, Lance Pearce, Suji Park