Make Your Own Culture

Make Your Own Culture is an opportunity to partake in the art of making sauerkraut.
A demonstration/workshop/conversation where we ferment a revolution as a community of people dedicated to creative living.

Make Your Own Culture incorporates my interests in juxtapositions of scale, layers of meaning, metaphor and silly puns. It invites a place in your life for co-creation, ritual, community gathering and bodily nourishment.



Avondale Community Action: Fermenting Vegetables Workshop, 7 May 2016
[This workshop was booked out, you can go on the waitlist here… or get in touch if you are interested in hosting a fermenting workshop]

– cabbage
– salt
– knife and/or grater
– chopping board
– bowl
– 1 litre glass jar with lid
– a teatowel or two

Fermenting workshops/collaborations

Facebook Fermenters group for cultural exchange